What is an
Irish pub?

[ In Irish:
   public house
   = teach in tábhairne ]

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Éire is the Irish name of the island called Ireland in the English language.
Éire is the nominative form in modern Irish of the name for the goddess called Ériu in Old Irish, a mythical figure who helped the Gaels conquer Ireland as described in the Book of Invasions. Éire is still used in the Irish language today to refer to the island of Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland - as well as the goddess.

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What's the Craic?

IRELAND’S unique pub culture has long been one of the country’s biggest selling points for tourists.

But moves to transfer that culture to towns and cities outside Ireland by way of Irish theme bars could be changing the real thing irrevocably, according to an Edge Hill lecturer.

Dr Mark McGovern, a lecturer in the Social Sciences, has been looking at the role of Irish pub culture in the development of the Irish tourism industry ....

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